Risk Management

Proper network security is essential in today’s hi-tech world for the purposes of maintaining customer trust, as well as ensuring that a company’s data is secure and available when it is needed. Far too often companies are reminded of the importance for security when it’s too late and they have already been breached. At Sherlock Forensics, we work with you to prevent attacks from happening, whilst allowing you to concentrate on the other important aspects of running a company.

Ensuring proper IT security requires three key elements: the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. In other words, your documents must remain confidential, they must be protected against corruption or tampering by third parties and they must be easily accessible by you when they are needed. By implementing these three elements during every security audit, the experts at Sherlock Forensics keep you one step ahead of the hackers.

Our experts are trained and have experience in all aspects of incident response as well as vulnerability and penetration testing for both wired and wireless devices. Our professional team has experience auditing a wide range of computer networks encompassing everything from some of the world’s largest financial institutions to single user setups.

In the event that a breach does occur, our security auditors are trained at performing detailed analyses on systems that have been compromised. These analyses are performed in order to determine how the compromise occurred (how access was gained), and how or what data was stolen by the unauthorized individual.

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