Civil Law


Sherlock Forensics offers a range of services aimed at retrieving and preserving evidence which may be found on a computer or other digital storage device.

Family Law

Whether you are seeking evidence from a common property computer or performing internet investigations such as searching for dating profiles or offshore banking activity, we can help find the information you are looking for

Employment Law

By implementing computer forensics in employment law cases, wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment and similar cases are no longer restricted to a he said/she said scenario. Obtaining authentic email correspondence and electronic documents is often the only viable evidence in employment law cases.

Background Checks

Reliable information is crucial to attorneys. Attorneys need to gather all of the facts to ensure a strong case. Is your client providing the correct information? Are they hiding something that may likely come up in court? Computer forensics is able to answer these questions and the experts at Sherlock Forensics can provide a full background check on your client’s activities.

Security Breaches

Security breaches are an everyday occurrence in today's global community. Did you know that, last year alone, security breaches cost the companies that were targeted an average of $350,000 in losses EACH? Sherlock Forensics' team is trained in several areas of incident response. Our experts can assist you with anything from preventing Denial of Service attacks to determining the origins of an intrusion or security breach.

Human Resources

Employee theft of data is an unfortunate fact in today's business world. The latest statistics show that the majority of data theft within a company is committed by employees and not external hackers. Customer lists or proprietary data can easily be compressed and copied to an external device, allowing for the theft of important information in just a few keystrokes. Sherlock Forensics can assist in identifying and stopping theft of intellectual property as well as providing evidence to assist in dismissals.

Malicious Software

Malicious software can have devastating effects on a network. Statistics show that over 217,000 pieces of malware and variants of malware were created last year alone, and that number is only expected to rise as time goes on. Our team of security experts will analyze the abilities of any malware detected and give a detailed rundown of what its potential is. In the event of litigation, Sherlock Forensics can also help to determine whether malware was in fact to blame for a particular incident, as some individuals have been known to disguise their malicious activity by claiming malware was the cause.

Data Recovery

We have all had that moment when an important document we desperately need or were working on for weeks simply disappears. Whether it be a report, term paper, spreadsheet, or anything in-between; it is not lost forever. Sherlock Forensics can help recover your documents or lost data quickly and fully without the hassle of having to rewrite it or make excuses as to why it cannot be produced.

Expert Witness

In the event that your case proceeds to court and you are in need of an Expert Witness, Sherlock Forensics’ team has the necessary experience needed for your case. You can be confident that at the time your case needs to go to court, a court validated expert will be there to explain your evidence clearly and thoroughly. Should your company, or yourself, need the service of an expert witness for a case concerning computer systems or eDiscovery, rest assured that the devices involved in your case keep data secured to protect against any unauthorized use or tampering.

Construction Law

Construction disputes can arise at any point during or after a project. Throughout the course of many projects, at the request of an employer, companies often perform additional services requested after the work has begun. This additional work is often not included in the original contract. Therefore, payment may be refused upon completion of the project. Computer forensics is used to investigate email correspondence, SMS text messaging and many other resources to resolve the dispute, by eliminating hearsay scenarios.

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