Aside from direct testimony by an eye witness, documentary evidence is probably the most compelling form of evidence in criminal and civil cases. It is quickly becoming the smoking gun in many civil cases involving wrongful employment dismissals, sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, stock fraud and the theft of trade secrets. Everyone is familiar with documentary evidence in paper form; however the legal process has failed to keep pace with computer technology. The document discovery rules have changed concerning the discovery of computer-created documents and related electronic data.

Litigation Facts

The purpose of computer forensic is to determine the facts, as recorded on digital media, in an efficient and unbiased manner.

Document Review

By vetting out irrelevant documents we allow you to concentrate on the important aspects of the litigation at hand.

Expert Witness

At the time your case goes to court, a court validated expert will be there to explain your evidence clearly and thoroughly.

Anton Piller Orders

Our team of experts at Sherlock Forensics has experience in executing and providing information for the acquisition of Anton Piller Orders.

Privilege Review

Along with searching and vetting privileged documents we can operate as a third party to identify documents based on a predetermined criteria.


Our experts are able to provide our clients with an intelligible and bona fide reason for gaining access to data.

Archival and Retrieval of Electronic Data

Our secured facility allows for the careful and secure storage of backup media and data.

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